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The power of intention

Creating a space for self-care is vital in our busy, stressed lives. Perhaps you have heard about the power that comes from setting an intention. It seems pretty self-explanatory; however, what does intention mean, and how can you apply them for success?

Setting an intention is similar to setting the direction for your day, using your receptivity. What makes them so powerful is that you are setting out to attract and act with intent rather than letting life happen to you.

How do you identify your intention? An intention is a very personal choice and depends on what you want to achieve. Checking in with how you feel and your core desires for changing your day will give you insight. Perhaps your intention can be to only respond with joy, thus reducing your stress levels and maintaining a happy persona. On the other hand, you may want to have an amazing project to work on for the day, week or month.

The key is to create the space and the ritual. To set the intention by being true to yourself and being grateful. Gratitude reminds us of how much we already have, the joy right there in front of us each day if we seek it and create peace.

So as you go about your daily life, don’t let it pass you by without taking the time to set the intention you have for your best-lived life. Create daily rituals that align with your purpose and support you. You will very quickly feel the power of intention.

Our essential oil intentions to give you inspiration

Orange Sweet Essential Oil – Purpose – I have everything I need to manifest my purpose.  

Bergamot Essential Oil – Faith – Just as I breathe, I grow and expand with the universe as one.   

Ylang-ylang Essential Oil – Awareness – I am centred, balanced and firmly rooted.

Lavender Essential Oil – Peace – I find peace at work, rest, play, + Dreamtime.  

Frankincense Essential Oil – Aether – I release all resistance, embracing my energetic being. 

Intimacy Essential Oil Blend – I open my heart fully and feel the magnificence of love. 

Purify Essential Oil Blend – I awaken the divine light of pure consciousness. 

Mindfulness Essential Oil Blend – I live in the present moment of endless possibility.

Manifest Essential Oil Blend – I awaken the energy of transformation, removing all obstacles from my path. 

Peppermint Essential Oil – Invigorate – I am strong, energetic and filled with life.

Connection Essential Oil Blend – I connect with self, others, nature + the divine. 

Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend – I replenish myself by creating the space for rest and renewal.


We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia + recognise their continuing connection to land, waters + culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present + emerging.

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