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Connection Ritual


Set Aside

20 minutes for yourself in the morning or evening. (More if possible)


A sacred space where you can be comfortable and undisturbed.


Your favourite tools. Eg. essential oil, journal, candle, crystals

Why we set Intention

An Intention is the starting point of every dream and idea that you plan or intend to carry out. If you mean something, it’s an intention… It is a statement that inspires action through mental focus, clarity and a synergy of will.

How to set Intention

Decide on a clear, positive & deeply personal statement of what you would like to achieve from this connection ritual. 

You might want to start with the words

My intention is to…

I am…I have…




By creating a sacred space and setting our intention to connect and listen to our inner wisdom we are designing our own personal ritual.

Begin by finding a comfortable position.

Place a few drops of your favourite essential oil in your hands and inhale.

Close your eyes and focus on your breath.

Imagine that with each breath you can visualise light filling your body and mind.

As this light flows through you, you can see it releasing any form of mental or physical tension you might be holding.



Continue to breathe normally and allow your body to relax. You may like to place one hand on your stomach and one hand on your heart to help ground you.

As you allow yourself to be present and notice your thoughts, feelings or sensations that arise you can come back to your intention for this ritual.

You might like to use this time to ask for answers to a question, a message for the day or just to simply reconnect to you and notice any messages that arise.

Spend as much time in this place of connection as you can. Be open to receive information, guidance and wisdom.



When you are ready you can slowly open your eyes and come back into the room and the present moment.

You may like to spend some time journaling any thoughts or messages that arose.

Give thanks for allowing yourself this time to connect. Notice any feelings that have arisen that you would like to take with you into your day.

Move slowly, take your time, go gently.

Finally place a drop of your essential oil you used behind your ear or on your neck to help connect you to your intention throughout the day.

Click here to download the Connection Ritual as a PDF 


About Alkimista

Alkimista is the creation of two friends, soul sisters and modern-day Alkimistas:

Sara Capacci, Self Love & Connection Mentor

 & Natajsa Wagner, Psychotherapist.

With a shared love of essential oils, science and spirituality we wanted to create a range of products to support you in your practices of connection, self-care and personal ritual.

Alkimista essential oils are purposefully selected and set with specific intentions that are designed to enhance healing, wellbeing and transformation.

Click here to download the Connection Ritual as a PDF 


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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia + recognise their continuing connection to land, waters + culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present + emerging.

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