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5 Elements of Nature | Organic Essential Oil Set

Earth, air, fire, water and spirit are the 5 elements of nature that are the inspiration behind our toolbox of 5 purposefully selected essential oils.  Each oil has been set with specific, intentional energy + symbol. 

We are:

Australian owned, manufactured + operated

Passionate champions of the environment

100% pure, quality-tested + certified organic essential oil

Sustainably and ethically sourced

Cruelty-free + vegan

Earth – Awareness – Ylang Ylang Pure Organic Essential Oil: Set with the intentional energy of awareness + the element symbol of earth, which relates to the root chakra.  This energy promotes a sense of safety, grounding, + nourishment. Ylang-ylang is balancing + calming, helps alleviate stress, mood swings and promotes calm.  It can be a soothing addition to your sleep routine. 

Fire – Purpose – Orange Sweet Pure Organic Essential Oil: Set with the intentional energy of purpose + the element symbol of fire, which relates to the solar plexus chakra.  This energy promotes personal power, happiness, will + intellect. The properties of orange sweet are cheerful, warming, + uplifting.  It helps reduce cold + flu symptoms, inflammation, strengthening the immune system, soothing irritated, dry skin, + helping you feel more relaxed + calm in periods of stress. 

Air – Faith – Bergamot Pure Organic Essential Oil: Set with the intentional energy of faith + the element symbol of air, which relates to the heart + chakra.  This energy promotes love, compassion, + self—expression.  The properties of Bergamot are calming, refreshing + uplifting.  It helps increase optimism, soothing anxiety, easing—thinking, + relieving negative emotions. 

Water – Peace – Lavender Pure Organic Essential Oil: Set with the intentional energy of peace + the element symbol of water, which relates to the sacral chakra.  This energy promotes peaceful emotion, creativity, gentleness, + flow.  The properties of Lavender are relaxing, calming, soothing, + sedative.  It is helpful for stress relief, mild anxiety, enhancing blood circulation, + may reduce pain.  It is excellent for use in relieving acne scarring, eczema, + fine lines. 

Spirit – Aether – Frankincense Pure Organic Essential Oil:  Set with the intentional energy of aether + the element symbol of spirit, which relates to the throat chakra.   This energy promotes open communication and connection to the world around you.  The properties of Frankincense soothe anxiety, ease overthinking and relieve negative emotions. It also helps release the accumulation of stress, irritability, restlessness, and insomnia. As well as treatment of inflammatory conditions and some cancerous diseases, wound healing, and its antimicrobial activity.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia + recognise their continuing connection to land, waters + culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present + emerging.

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